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November 28, 2017


Dear Visitor:

Thank you for visiting  My name is Darel Long,

I launched this site in preparation for early 2018.

After a long standing six year and three month custody case and endless medical issues, I can speak candidly about dealing with major life challenges.  Towards the end of the year, most of my financial issues will be resolved, and any remaining will be resolved the 1st quarter of 2018.

Personally, I’m now poised with a strong finish this year.  An important goal-reaching result is set for the 1st quarter of 2018, a major announcement on March 26, 2018, and an outstanding announcement for Oct 6, 2018 are all being moved into place.

The tumultuous past was drenched with endless setbacks, my custody case costs accrued over half a decade and costs which are associated from poor health and astronomical medical costs.  Later, homelessness and poverty became my constant companions.

As a former banker, I began to utilize a unique concept,  the effort would much later become life changing to provide the pathway to resolve all debts, both private and public, and later all medical costs.

Since graduating with life’s many ups and downs, I’m happy to report most loss and difficulties have been resolved, or are in the process of resolved.

It seems life when difficulties become insurmountable; the quest for assistance becomes limited.  I think most people, when once faced with near impossible odds, have the inclination to help others as their own lives are finally in place.

While it’s true, family and friends have been helpful when and where possible, the reality cries out as to how is it possible to overcome endless costs? What can anyone do when exceeding income, or for that matter, the endless costs to resolve medical debt?  You’re welcome to visit Darel’s Health to improve your understanding of parental alienation and DarelsHealth.

It seems as if dire needs were always present since my custody case began.  I’m thankful to report changes have nearly brought forth major resolve for others and myself.

Now that major issues are about to be resolved, it’s now time to focus on plans to help others in the local communities to limit the suffering in Blacksburg, VA, NRV area (Virginia), Roanoke City, VA, Roanoke County, VA, Tacoma, WA, Miami, FL, and the West Indies.  Each site will be pre-launched prior to formation between today’s launch of this site and others by the end of January 2018.

Certainly, those who have never faced extreme needs will not fully understand, but those who are in dire need will certainly understand.

In January 2018, a 501(c)3 non-profit will be submitted for each of the following: will become the managing resource for the sites listed above.  Soon, each site will list its own specific mission.  Some of the profits from opportunities from the West Indies  will become a private source to fund the various .org non profits listed above.  During the first quarter of 2018, a site currently in development called , will contribute to the non-profits listed and a major announcement Oct 6, 2018 , will provide funds directly to each non-profit.


ABOUT was established with a mission to help define ways to help local communities.  These include my home town, Blacksburg, Virginia, and the New River Valley area in Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia (City & County), Tacoma, WA, Miami, FL and Dallas, TX. will become the managing resource for the above mentioned sites.  As the founder, I will accept no salary nor compensation, with two full time paid directors beginning April 1, 2018.  We will not accept outside donations for the first year at all.


Darel Lynwood Long



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